The Great Fox Illusion – Justyn Edwards

And there it was. Flick’s reason for being there.

She could vividly remember the moment her father told her he’d invented the Bell System. He’d said it was an illusion that would change the history of magic. And then, because life can be cruel, it had ended up in the hands of the Great Fox. But Flick would put that right she would get it back. Somehow.

One of the world’s greatest magicians, The Great Fox, has died and fans are competing for a place on a tv show to win the Fox’s legacy. Flick Lions is through… but she has an ulterior motive. The Great Fox ruined her family and now she wants to find the ultimate magic trick and bring her father home…

Reading the synopsis for The Great Fox Illusion when this proof arrived, I was instantly excited: not only is this such a fresh concept for a MG novel, I loved magic as a child and was always amazed watching Paul Daniels or Penn and Teller. This will definitely be a popular choice when it’s released. I loved how the beginning talks to the reader about the ending and gets you thinking about how it all happens. Can you work out the illusion?

That’s what makes The Great Fox Illusion such a page-turner – it is innovative, exciting and filled with possibilities. The Great Fox’s home is equally an important character in this tale as it holds limitless secrets: a butler serving anything, a talking lift and movable walls are just a few intriguing aspects to this story.

Flick is equally a fascinating protagonist out to locate the Bell System. But will she succeed? Will a rival magician get in her way? I thought having such an independent young girl with a disability was excellent and refreshing to see how she talks about having lost her leg along with the struggles her prosthetic leg can bring. Her partnership with Charlie has already put them on my favourite duo list!

For a magical story filled with friendship, courage and adventure, The Great Fox Illusion will be one of the most popular reads of 2022 I’m sure! For Justyn’s debut, he has picked an excellent theme and his passion for magic is infectious. Full of Derren Brown tricks, it’s a novel which grips the reader and like any good magic trick, will leave them scratching their head about what just happened… From that ending, I’m very hopeful for a sequel!

Suggested reading age: 9+

The Great Fox Illusion is written by Justyn Edwards and will be published by Walker Books on 7th April 2022. You can preorder your copy here.

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