Alex Neptune: Dragon Thief – David Owen

Alex Neptune has never been a fan of the sea so when he ends up in the abandoned aquarium on the hill of Haven Bay, he discovers an imprisoned water dragon. The town’s legend is suddenly a reality but can he save this powerful dragon? Along the way, he finds some unexpected allies as he also discovers something about himself…

I’ve got to start but saying I couldn’t put Alex Neptune: Dragon Thief down and had read it within a day – it is a joyful, fast-paced adventure celebrating friendships, the ocean and our own self-belief. Perfect for fans of Malamander, Dragon Mountain and The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy, I felt instantly transported to Haven Bay, a coastal town where tourism is at its lowest… but Alex and best friend Zoey are close to finding out why. I also really liked the environmental messages in this book about our oceans and how we are harming them. There’s lots of initial mystery to hook the reader and gradually, each question gets answered: where did Alex’s fear of the sea come from? Is the sea really trying to harm him? What’s the deal with those security guards? How is the water being polluted?

I know my class are going to be scrambling for this tomorrow. There’s an excellent, action-packed finale too, which really took me back to one of my favourite 90s movies – Free Willy. Definitely one of the summer’s must-have books, Alex Neptune: Dragon Thief is a mesmerising start to an exciting new series.

Suggested reading age: 9+

Alex Neptune: Dragon Thief is written by David Owen and will be published by Usborne on 4th August 2022. Head over to The Rocketship Bookshop here and preorder your copy today from this brilliant indie bookshop!

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