The Bigwoof Conspiracy – Dashe Roberts

Her skin prickled.

This was it, the supernatural proof she had been searching for.A real life UFO, and a freaky Bigfoot, both at the same time! She could already picture the image on the cover of Weird Enquiries Weekly. This was by far the greatest day of her life.Regarding the ability to reason, she dug the camera out of her backpack and unscrewed the lens cap with shaking hands.If she pulled this off, she would be a hero. They might even rename the town in her honour. Welcome to Sladanville, where things get weird!

When UFO-obsessed Lucy Sladan sneaks out to investigate some unusual disappearances in Sticky Pines, she ends up embroiled in a possible conspiracy as she tries to find out more about the huge hairy creature she sees. Is it linked to the Nu Co factory which has recently been taken over?

The Bigwoof Conspiracy is a book which hasn’t stayed on my class library shelf since I bought it in early 2021. Perhaps it’s my mistake that I didn’t read it first before I took it into school but its popularity with my classes is a testament to the excellent world Dashe Roberts have created in Sticky Pines. Right from the beginning, you are transported so vividly to this small town: immersed in the walks Lucy and new friend Milo go on, the quirky cabin of her teacher and her wife, the other Mrs Stricks, and the eerie factory, which Milo’s dad manages. It’s an exciting place where tension and surprises leap off the page and it made me unable to put it down.

The Sticky Pines series is perfect for children looking to get into suspense and the supernatural world – like Stranger Things but for children, The Bigwoof Conspiracy leaves lots of dangling plot threads and questions so I can’t wait to see how the mystery develops in the next two books – who can be trusted? Is everyone what they seem? What is going on with this nucralose, which is being manufactured and put into everything? A must have book for your library or home!

Suggested reading age: 8+

The Bigwoof Conspiracy is written by Dashe Roberts and published by Nosy Crow. It’s available now (along with the other two in the series) so what are you waiting for?

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