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Leila and the Blue Fox – Kiran Millwood Hargrove with Tom de Freston

As Fox sets off on the journey of her life, Leila too is on a journey – to see the mother she thought she’d lost. As they head on a summer adventure further into the Arctic Circle, their relationship will be tested. Will Leila and Fox’s paths cross?

What I love about books is the journey they take you on along with the characters and settings you get to visit from your own chair. Like Julia and the Shark, Leila and the Blue Fox is a gift to read – this hardcover edition is exquisite to look at! What a dream collaboration Kiran and Tom are: Kiran’s bewitching language coupled with Tom’s sublime illustrations really make this a story you will get lost in.

Leila and the Blue Fox follows two characters on interweaving paths – Miso (inspired by the true story of an Arctic fox, which walked over 2000 miles in 76 days) and Leila. This story follows two types of migration as well as climate change so there is a wealth of discussion for your classrooms after reading it. I really liked the comparison of migration between Leila and Miso and how it is a part of the human story as well as animals (particularly prevalent by that surprising twist at the end with Leila’s mum). I hope, as Leila finds, more children (and adults) will read this and it will empower them to find their voice and speak out. Another spectacular masterpiece, Leila and the Blue Fox is a must-read and a perfect Christmas gift too.

Suggested reading age: 9+

Leila and the Blue Fox is written by Kiran Millwood Hargrave and illustrated by Tom de Freston. It’s published by Orion and is available now. If you want a signed exclusive edition like mine, head to Waterstones while stocks last!


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