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My Name is Sunshine Simpson – G.M. Linton

10 year old Sunshine Simpson wants to have fun and adventures with her friends but things aren’t going so well for her at the moment: her friend Evie is becoming her frenemy, she has a disastrous hair cut, a stressful school assembly is approaching and to top it all off, her beloved grandfather isn’t too well. How will Sunshine overcome these obstacles?

You know that feeling you get when you finish a book but you really wish you hadn’t finished it and just want to experience that emotion again for the first time? That’s how you’ll feel when you finish My Name is Sunshine Simpson. I’m lucky to read a variety of children’s literature and I know this is a story which will stay with me – like the actual sun on a summer’s day, My Name is Sunshine Simpson dazzles you with joy, wraps you in the warmest of hugs and makes you feel better about the day.

Sunshine Simpson is definitely going to be such a relatable character to so many children and watching her develop even more resilience makes you feel so proud as the reader. It’s incredible how quickly you feel like a member of the Simpson family. While there’s a great uplifting theme, you’d have to have a heart of stone if you read this and don’t cry (both from joy and sadness!) – the grandfather and granddaughter relationship is so beautiful and really made me reflect on my relationship with my grandparents.

I think it’s excellent that Usborne are publishing My Name is Sunshine Simpson to coincide with the Windrush 75th anniversary as this story is an insightful exploration of this generation, seen through her grandfather’s eyes. What he went through and the wisdom he continues to impart is so inspiring. The book also has information and quotes from a wealth of key historical and contemporary Black figures. It might only be February but I know this is going to be one of my favourite reads of 2023: full of charm, love and resilience, My Name is Sunshine Simpson is an empowering story you’ll want to read again and again! I will certainly be buying a finished copy to see the illustrations too.

Suggested reading age: 8+

My Name is Sunshine Simpson is written by G.M. Linton and will be published by Usborne on 11th May 2023. Thank you so much Usborne for this amazing box of treats I enjoyed whilst reading this incredible story.


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