The Great Fox Heist – Justyn Edwards

With her father still missing, Flick Lions is desperate for answers but has to help the Great Fox with a new competition in Switzerland if she wants to know more. Can Flick and Charlie steal some of the world’s most expensive diamonds from one of the most secure bank vaults in the world? How much can the Great Fox really be trusted?

The Great Fox Illusion had one of the most original concepts in children’s literature and I absolutely loved it (you can find my review again here!) so I was thrilled to get this copy of its thrilling sequel, The Great Fox Heist (an early treat as I have already preordered it!). Following on from the events of book 1, Heist follows Flick and Charlie having to complete what seems like an unobtainable task: stealing diamonds from one of the most secure bank vaults in the world as part of a new tv show. Just as you think the stakes couldn’t get higher, there’s suspicious alliances and double-crossing for Flick to contend with as she also seeks to find out the location of her father and discover more about the Bell System.

What is so fantastic about The Great Fox Heist is how maturely Justyn treats the reader – magic is such an alluring concept and you are instantly captivated by the impossibility of Flick’s latest mission amongst trying to work out who is trustworthy and who’s out to exploit the Bell System. Flick continues to be a fantastic role model for children (particularly in the way that her disability doesn’t deter her from the task at hand) and I also loved how this book gives us answers about magic’s most potentially dangerous weapon. It all leads to a shocking, twist-filled finale, which will leave your head spinning, and you’ll be desperate for more. Dispelling the illusion that sequels aren’t always better, The Great Fox Heist ups the tension and murky alliances so The Great Fox series just gets better and better. By the end, you’ll be thinking Paul Daniels who?

Suggested reading age: 9+

The Great Fox Heist is written by Justyn Edwards and will be published by Walker Books on 6th April 2023. Book 1, The Great Fox Illusion, is available now.

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