The Ship of Doom – M.A. Bennett

Luna gets a surprise when she goes to The Butterfly Club with her aunt and discovers the club is actually a secret society, where a group of time-travelling thieves steal artefacts from the future to bring progress forward. Joining Konstantin and Aidan on the Time Train to 1912, the trio end up on the doomed Titanic. Will they locate a man called Marconi and get his wireless radio back to the past or will their actions change the rest of time?

The Ship of Doom has been on my to-buy list for ages after seeing such acclaim for The Butterfly Club in the book corner of Twitter and I’m so glad I treated myself as it’s a superb read. I’ve been fascinated by the Titanic since learning about it in primary school and have many books and visited many exhibitions about it so I knew this book would be right up my street. What an adrenaline-fuelled, nautical adventure The Ship of Doom is, using key facts from the Titanic disaster but with a nifty sci-fi twist! I love this idea of a secret time-travelling society and conspiracies, particularly by setting the story during the Victorian era (when so many discoveries were made). Its historical roots make everything so much more plausible for the reader and without any spoilers, I couldn’t put this down. With an undeniable tension as the reader waits for this ‘unsinkable’ ship to hit an iceberg, it’s great to see how gender and children are explored in this time period and its relevance today.

With a captivating, original sci-fi concept which will have you gripped, along with some lingering questions which will mean you must get book 2, The Ship of Doom is far from doomed like that fateful ship but is the thrilling start to a marvellous series. I definitely need to read the rest of the series now!

Suggested reading age: 9+

The Ship of Doom is written by M.A. Bennett. You can buy the first three books in The Butterfly Club series now, with book 4 coming soon.

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