Deadlock – Simon Fox

Was Dad being serious? It seems like a strange sort of joke but there had been something in his voice… Police officers get targeted sometimes, don’t they? I roll out of bed, fast, fighting to recall what he’d said, glancing at the open window then sliding on the floor to pull on last night’s clothes.Continue reading “Deadlock – Simon Fox”

The Boy Who Saved A Bear – Nizrana Farook

As Nuwan was about to leave the alcove, something caught his eye. It was a book wedged tightly in a space between wooden panels. Nuwan balanced his books on one arm and pulled it it carefully. It was a volume of poetry. There was a sketch of flowers dropping down from a branch and aContinue reading “The Boy Who Saved A Bear – Nizrana Farook”

The Thief of Farrowfell – Ravena Guron

She turned back to the cabinet, thinking Grandleader had managed to start the Ripon empire with nothing but his wits. Solving this problem would show she was a Ripon through and through.With a huff, she rested against the cabinet – and found herself falling. She knocked into the stand, which fell into a crash thatContinue reading “The Thief of Farrowfell – Ravena Guron”

Bite Risk – S.J. Wills

Tremorglade may seem like an ordinary town but every month during the full moon, all the adults turn into werewolves and it’s the young people who have protect everyone from danger. When a werewolf gets out one month, Sel Archie and his friends need to uncover who – or what – is watching their everyContinue reading “Bite Risk – S.J. Wills”

Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas

I’m about to turn around to look, but another gust of wind whooshes past me, and I’m back in Ms Lena’s office. She lets go of my hands and shouts, “How you do that?” I hold my throbbing head and blink stars out my eyes. It’s moments before everything gets in focus, and once itContinue reading “Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas”

The Valley of the Strange – Dashe Roberts

“There’s someone over there.” He pointed. Lucy scanned the riverbank. “I don’t see anyone,” she said. “Are you sure?” But Milo couldn’t make out the human shake he’d seen before. Now there was nothing but bark and bushes. “No.” He looked around. “But I really feel like we’re being watched.” In this third instalment ofContinue reading “The Valley of the Strange – Dashe Roberts”

The Kingdom Over The Sea – Zohra Nabi

Yara bit her lip. She thought of Stephanie pacing the flat frantically, only to stop and go about her day as though nothing had happened. Of Rahema, coming across the climate change posters they had made together for the library and puzzling over who could have painted them.She didn’t exactly have many other friends –Continue reading “The Kingdom Over The Sea – Zohra Nabi”

A Game Of Life Or Death – Triona Campbell

Maya wasn’t answering because she was lying on the floor a few feet away. Body painted in the cold tones of the monitor’s images. Eyes hidden behind a VR headset the size of a small pair of glasses. A tiny blue light blinking on the frame, confirming her connection to some online game. A controllerContinue reading “A Game Of Life Or Death – Triona Campbell”

The Hatmakers – Tamzin Merchant

Hatmakers had lived in the house for more generations than anyone could quite remember. Magic from the ingredients, brought home from adventures all around the world, had seeped into the grain of the wood and into the time-worn stones. The wrinkled glass of the old windows, the walls and even the chimney pots bristled andContinue reading “The Hatmakers – Tamzin Merchant”