Call of the Titanic – Lindsay Galvin

Young cabin steward, Sid, is proud to be working on the glamorous Titanic, which has set sail on its maiden voyage. Meanwhile, farmer’s daughter Clara has inadvertently ended up as a stowaway on the Carpathia after wanting to spend more time with her cousin, who is a Marconi Telegraph Operator. There, she bonds with theContinue reading “Call of the Titanic – Lindsay Galvin”

My Bollywood Dream – Avani Dwivedi

It’s Friday night and as a little girl and her family head to the cinema, she imagines a Bollywood movie unfolding before her eyes… My #PictureBookFriday had to be My Bollywood Dream from first time picture book creator Avani Dwivedi as it is gorgeously illustrated with such a joyful story. Drawing on Avani’s own childhoodContinue reading “My Bollywood Dream – Avani Dwivedi”

Rory’s Room of Rectangles – Ian Eagleton & Jessica Knight

Welcome to my day on the review tour for Rory’s Room of Rectangles and I’m thrilled to share my thoughts today on this wonderful picture book. It’s Rory’s first Father’s Day without his dad living at home and while he likes his step-dad Tony (as well as his own dad), he is unsure who toContinue reading “Rory’s Room of Rectangles – Ian Eagleton & Jessica Knight”

Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Anna James

Tilly’s idea of her mum was stitched together from a patchwork of old photos and other people’s memories. No one knew where Beatrice Pages had gone, and this lack of facts meant that the hole her mother had left had torn, ragged edges that were slow to knit back together. Tilly had almost given upContinue reading “Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Anna James”

Deadlock – Simon Fox

Was Dad being serious? It seems like a strange sort of joke but there had been something in his voice… Police officers get targeted sometimes, don’t they? I roll out of bed, fast, fighting to recall what he’d said, glancing at the open window then sliding on the floor to pull on last night’s clothes.Continue reading “Deadlock – Simon Fox”

Clarity Jones and the Magical Detective Agency – Chris Smith

Struggling to survive in the realm of Rillia, Mutt has a chance encounter with the Magical Detective Agency and gets a job as their apprentice. Never did he expect to work with an ex-princess, a snow gnoblin, a notorious assassin of the White Hand Clan and a walking chest! When a jester mysteriously vanishes, theContinue reading “Clarity Jones and the Magical Detective Agency – Chris Smith”

Bad Influence – Tamsin Winter

Clever and talented Amelia is desperate to fit in but is left crushed to come last on a list rating all the girls in her school. When a new boy shows an interest in her, she wonders if she’ll finally become popular. In a moment of hope, she takes a photo and sends it toContinue reading “Bad Influence – Tamsin Winter”

Cinder & Ella – Barbara Slade and Lucia Soto

Cinder is trapped in a life of misery with her wicked stepmother and stepbrothers while Princess Ella feels misunderstood by her parents. When the two girls meet at a ball, there’s an instant connection… but we all know what happens when the clock strikes midnight. Can the power of love and hope prevail? Publishing toContinue reading “Cinder & Ella – Barbara Slade and Lucia Soto”

Spellstone – Ross Montgomery

It was the cat from her dream – the exact same black cat, with one blue eye and one yellow eye. The memory of the theatre came back in an instant – the rain, the sleeping audience, the people in the front row… Evie shook her head. It couldn’t be the same cat. Just becauseContinue reading “Spellstone – Ross Montgomery”

You’ve Reached Sam – Dustin Thao

It’s been one week since Sam died. And in my attempt to move on, I’ve been trying to erase him from my life like a terrible memory. After everything we’ve been through together. I threw out all of his things. I skipped his funeral. And I never even said goodbye. In his death, Sam askedContinue reading “You’ve Reached Sam – Dustin Thao”