Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Anna James

Tilly’s idea of her mum was stitched together from a patchwork of old photos and other people’s memories. No one knew where Beatrice Pages had gone, and this lack of facts meant that the hole her mother had left had torn, ragged edges that were slow to knit back together. Tilly had almost given upContinue reading “Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Anna James”

Clarity Jones and the Magical Detective Agency – Chris Smith

Struggling to survive in the realm of Rillia, Mutt has a chance encounter with the Magical Detective Agency and gets a job as their apprentice. Never did he expect to work with an ex-princess, a snow gnoblin, a notorious assassin of the White Hand Clan and a walking chest! When a jester mysteriously vanishes, theContinue reading “Clarity Jones and the Magical Detective Agency – Chris Smith”

Spellstone – Ross Montgomery

It was the cat from her dream – the exact same black cat, with one blue eye and one yellow eye. The memory of the theatre came back in an instant – the rain, the sleeping audience, the people in the front row… Evie shook her head. It couldn’t be the same cat. Just becauseContinue reading “Spellstone – Ross Montgomery”

Oh Maya Gods! – Maz Evans

Vesper drifted towards the edge of the circle, towards the lone, tilting stone that stood apart from all the others. They’d told her what it was called at school, but her mind wandered in class… The Heel Stone! That was it! It was the one to which she always felt the most drawn. She longedContinue reading “Oh Maya Gods! – Maz Evans”

Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend – Lizzie Huxley-Jones

Just as 12 year old Vivi and her mams leave Wales for London, Vivi feels like she’s summoned to a lake. There, she’s attacked by a terrifying monster only to escape with the help of a new friend (Dara), a talking ghost dog (Gelert) and the ability to yield Excalibur. Arriving in London and withContinue reading “Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend – Lizzie Huxley-Jones”

Skandar and the Phantom Rider – A.F. Steadman

Skandar and Bobby jumped off the low bank and waded into the water. The smell of decay was so overpowering that tears sprang to Skandar’s eyes. Scoundrel squeaked worriedly above him, sounding as young as when he’d just hatched. Skandar tried to send reassurance to Scoundrel through their bond, even though every nerve in hisContinue reading “Skandar and the Phantom Rider – A.F. Steadman”

Small Bites Back – Hannah Moffatt

Harvey Small and Walloping Toenail are back and this time they’re heading into the Vampire mountains to try and break the Never-Ending Contracts, which have tied Norma Enormous and the Skelephant to the Unspeakable Circus. Can they figure out what or who has bitten the contracts with never-ending venom? Will Viscount Bloodsucker, head of theContinue reading “Small Bites Back – Hannah Moffatt”

The First Shadowdragon – Lee Newbery

In this follow-up to The Last Firefox, Charlie, Lippy and Roo are enjoying life after defeating the dreaded Grendilock and saving Cadno but the trio find themselves heading to Fargone when an ominous threat emerges. Draig, a shadowy monster, is slowly draining the life from the land – can Charlie uncover the lost secret whichContinue reading “The First Shadowdragon – Lee Newbery”

Like A Curse – Elle McNicoll

I move to the front door, ignoring Gran’s curt calling of my name. I rush down the stoop towards the stones and trees and the water.The vast loch stretches out before me like a flowing road. It’s as calm as my aunt, but water holds secrets better than anything.I glance around for Fae, knowing theirContinue reading “Like A Curse – Elle McNicoll”

Slugs Invade The Jam Factory – Chrissie Sains & Jenny Taylor

McLay’s jam factory is going from strength to strength until a power-hungry slug, Mucus Vane, decides to turn the factory into a slug wellness spa… and brainy Scooter has run out of ideas! With a hygiene inspection looming too, can Scooter, Cat and Fizzbee the alien save the factory and Scooter’s creativity? I have lovedContinue reading “Slugs Invade The Jam Factory – Chrissie Sains & Jenny Taylor”