Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas

I’m about to turn around to look, but another gust of wind whooshes past me, and I’m back in Ms Lena’s office. She lets go of my hands and shouts, “How you do that?” I hold my throbbing head and blink stars out my eyes. It’s moments before everything gets in focus, and once itContinue reading “Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas”

The Nowhere Thief – Alice M. Ross

Elsbeth stood in another kitchen. In a different Somewhere. But no little boy was going to disturb her here. The place was abandoned. There were empty sockets and stains on the wall where the fridge used to be. The air felt cold and stale. Elsbeth opened a drawer just to check. Empty. The house stoodContinue reading “The Nowhere Thief – Alice M. Ross”

Rainbow Grey: Battle for the Skies – Laura Ellen Anderson

Tornadia Twist is on the loose and time is running out for the Weatherlands and Earth. It’s up to Ray and her friend to locate the Forever Crystals and unlock her rainbow power… can she win the battle for the skies? Laura Ellen Anderson is a big name in our house as my daughter isContinue reading “Rainbow Grey: Battle for the Skies – Laura Ellen Anderson”

The Consequence Girl – Alastair Chisholm

The box was lined with fur. Inside, wrapped in a blanket, was a sleeping baby, with pale fawn skin and a short crop of straight black hair. One hand was outside the blanket, fingers curled. Lilith picked up the box. “What are you going to do with it?” gasped Whorley. She ignored him. “You knowContinue reading “The Consequence Girl – Alastair Chisholm”

Neon’s Secret Universe – Sibéal Pounder

Think you know everything there is to know about unicorns? Well, prepare to have your mind blown! When Neon Gallup moves from Paris to the small village of Brunty and finds the last remaining Universe portal opener, she journeys to the UNIverse and gets a surprise: unicorns aren’t horse creatures with horns but look likeContinue reading “Neon’s Secret Universe – Sibéal Pounder”

Mia and the Lightcasters – Janelle McCurdy

Within the darkened walls of Nubis, Mia used to dream of being an umbra tamer… until an encounter with an unusual, red-eyed umbra 3 years before affected her confidence. Now, she’s starting her umbra training and following in her infamous parents’ footsteps. That is until a surprise assault on the town divides Mia’s family andContinue reading “Mia and the Lightcasters – Janelle McCurdy”

The Great Fox Illusion Blog Tour

Welcome to day 3 of The Great Fox Illusion blog tour. The first in an exciting new series by Justyn Edwards, it is available now and published by Walker Books. If you didn’t see my original review then click the button below – I absolutely loved reading this book! It is quite unlike anything outContinue reading “The Great Fox Illusion Blog Tour”

Magicborn – Peter Bunzl

It’s 1726 and the Royal Sorcerer of England is hunting for his latest apprentice. When Tempest is away from her fathers and is captured, she meets a boy named Thomas who seems similar to her. Trapped, the pair discover long-buried memories and find their magic flickering to life. Who are they really? Where are theyContinue reading “Magicborn – Peter Bunzl”