Son of the Sea – Richard Pickard

It was Casper’s feet that made him certain swimming had been coded in his DNA from birth. He had been born with the most enormous pair of flippers! A fantastic set of webbed toes that helped to propel him through the water with the greatest of ease, rocketing Casper between the weeds and rubbish ofContinue reading “Son of the Sea – Richard Pickard”

Conviction – Jack Jordan

I am a massive fan of legal thrillers (having grown up with John Grisham) so when I received this stunning proof copy of Conviction from Simon & Schuster (thank you SO much!), I was instantly intrigued. The tale of a highly successful barrister defending a defendant accused of murdering his whole family so media spotlightContinue reading “Conviction – Jack Jordan”

Freeze – Kate Simants

In the harshest Arctic conditions, 8 contestants are going to test themselves as they compete to win £100,000 in the newest reality show, Frozen Out. For producer Tori and her best friend (and camerawoman) Dee, they are determined for the show to succeed but as they desperately try to protect their own secrets, tempers frayContinue reading “Freeze – Kate Simants”

Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas

I’m about to turn around to look, but another gust of wind whooshes past me, and I’m back in Ms Lena’s office. She lets go of my hands and shouts, “How you do that?” I hold my throbbing head and blink stars out my eyes. It’s moments before everything gets in focus, and once itContinue reading “Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas”

The Valley of the Strange – Dashe Roberts

“There’s someone over there.” He pointed. Lucy scanned the riverbank. “I don’t see anyone,” she said. “Are you sure?” But Milo couldn’t make out the human shake he’d seen before. Now there was nothing but bark and bushes. “No.” He looked around. “But I really feel like we’re being watched.” In this third instalment ofContinue reading “The Valley of the Strange – Dashe Roberts”

The Kingdom Over The Sea – Zohra Nabi

Yara bit her lip. She thought of Stephanie pacing the flat frantically, only to stop and go about her day as though nothing had happened. Of Rahema, coming across the climate change posters they had made together for the library and puzzling over who could have painted them.She didn’t exactly have many other friends –Continue reading “The Kingdom Over The Sea – Zohra Nabi”

My Friend The Octopus – Lindsay Galvin

As a massive fan of last year’s hit, Darwin’s Dragons, I was extremely excited to learn Lindsay had a new book out… and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Before reading, you’ll notice the absolutely beautiful cover and illustrations from Gordy Wright in this flapped paperback – I know you say you shouldn’t judge a book byContinue reading “My Friend The Octopus – Lindsay Galvin”

The Mermaid Call – Alex Cotter

Hair. It’s what I think of first when I picture Mum. And right then Mum was all I was thinking about. She was arriving that very evening! My stomach could not stop whizz-pop-banging. After three years of might be, would she, why hasn’t she? Mum was coming home to Lake Splendour – her and herContinue reading “The Mermaid Call – Alex Cotter”