My Bollywood Dream – Avani Dwivedi

It’s Friday night and as a little girl and her family head to the cinema, she imagines a Bollywood movie unfolding before her eyes… My #PictureBookFriday had to be My Bollywood Dream from first time picture book creator Avani Dwivedi as it is gorgeously illustrated with such a joyful story. Drawing on Avani’s own childhoodContinue reading “My Bollywood Dream – Avani Dwivedi”

Spellstone – Ross Montgomery

It was the cat from her dream – the exact same black cat, with one blue eye and one yellow eye. The memory of the theatre came back in an instant – the rain, the sleeping audience, the people in the front row… Evie shook her head. It couldn’t be the same cat. Just becauseContinue reading “Spellstone – Ross Montgomery”

How To Be A Kid Boss – Larry Hayes

Created in the classified The Secrets Laboratory, How To Be A Kid Boss will give you the answers to 101 secret things which adults won’t tell you themselves. Some of the secrets even have cheat methods! Among the 101 secrets include how to be a ghostbuster, how to read someone’s mind and how to surviveContinue reading “How To Be A Kid Boss – Larry Hayes”

Clutch – M.G. Leonard

Looking back through his binoculars, Twitch counted three police officers searching the ground around the rocks and one in a climbing harness up near the nest. He spied the familiar, clean-shaven face of Constable Greenwood, who was frowning, holding his chin as he listened to a female officer who Twitch had never seen before. ConcentratingContinue reading “Clutch – M.G. Leonard”

Slugs Invade The Jam Factory – Chrissie Sains & Jenny Taylor

McLay’s jam factory is going from strength to strength until a power-hungry slug, Mucus Vane, decides to turn the factory into a slug wellness spa… and brainy Scooter has run out of ideas! With a hygiene inspection looming too, can Scooter, Cat and Fizzbee the alien save the factory and Scooter’s creativity? I have lovedContinue reading “Slugs Invade The Jam Factory – Chrissie Sains & Jenny Taylor”

The Great Fox Heist – Justyn Edwards

With her father still missing, Flick Lions is desperate for answers but has to help the Great Fox with a new competition in Switzerland if she wants to know more. Can Flick and Charlie steal some of the world’s most expensive diamonds from one of the most secure bank vaults in the world? How muchContinue reading “The Great Fox Heist – Justyn Edwards”

Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas

I’m about to turn around to look, but another gust of wind whooshes past me, and I’m back in Ms Lena’s office. She lets go of my hands and shouts, “How you do that?” I hold my throbbing head and blink stars out my eyes. It’s moments before everything gets in focus, and once itContinue reading “Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy – Angie Thomas”

Spark – M.G. Leonard

When Jack saves a wounded cat, he discovers a spate of similar crimes around Briddvale. As he starts investigating, he and the Twitchers become embroiled in a deepening mystery. Can Jack and his friend save the day? As a big fan of the Adventures on Trains series, I knew I’d enjoy 2021’s Twitch and IContinue reading “Spark – M.G. Leonard”

Montgomery Bonbon: Murder at the Museum – Alasdair Beckett-King

You might think 10 year old Bonnie Montgomery is just an ordinary girl who enjoys spending time with her grandfather but you’re wrong… when there’s a crime, she transforms into Montgomery Bonbon, detective extraordinaire. When there’s a murder at the Hornville Museum of Natural History and Suchlike, Bonbon joins the case… I’m a big fanContinue reading “Montgomery Bonbon: Murder at the Museum – Alasdair Beckett-King”

The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond – Amy Sparkes

A silver flash at the window beside the bed caught Nine’s attention. Outside, the blackness of the World Between Worlds was split by more flashes of silver strands, which rose, twisted together, and then exploded into fading stars. A little fanlight at the top of the window always stayed open – the window Nine hadContinue reading “The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond – Amy Sparkes”